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Quick Facts:

Jars & Container:

  • Ton of places you can buy your jars and containers like Amazon, Life Science Publishing, Abundant Health and you can find many mason jars and glass water bottles at local stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Costco and Sam’s.
  • Popular Sizes include:
    • 1/3 ounce roller bottles (quick trick if you get the clear ones you can buy washi tape to make them fun looking and have the oils in a dark glass jar!)
    • 2 ounce spray bottles for linen spray
    • 4 ounce mason jars
    • 24-30 ounce Spray Bottles for Thieves Household Cleaner (I personally use a spray bottle since I use it as an all-purpose cleaner 1 cap full to 24-30 ounce of water!) A little goes a long way.

Carrier Options and Other Ingredients:

  • I see the term “carrier oil” used in several places. What is a carrier oil, what does it do, and why should I use it? – A carrier oil is a vegetable oil such as coconut oil or grapeseed oil that can be used to dilute EO. YL V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex is an excellent carrier oil for all applications. Carrier oils ensure that EOs applied topically are comfortable. Dilution with a carrier oil does not dilute the effect of the EO, and prevents waste due to excessive application. Vegetable shortening, butter, margarine or petroleum derivatives (petrolatum jelly) should never be used as carrier oils. Some consumers choose to avoid olive oil as a carrier oil because of its strong aroma and thick viscosity.
  • Here is a list of some carriers it is notall-inclusive.
    • Coconut Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Argon Oil, Hemp Seed
  • Witch Hazel
  • Jason’s Vitamin E Oil
  • Empty 00 Vegetable Capsules
  • Epsom Salt
  • Fuller’s Earth Powder

Reference Materials:


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