Hi – I am Roxanne and am a mom to two amazing, energetic boys, a wife and work full-time. I enjoy crafts, collecting scrapbook things (since I rarely actually make a scrapbook), baking, READING and just spending time with my family. We have a very crazy schedule and most days I am not sure how we manage – between after school activities, baseball, Tae Kwon Do, bowling and whatever new activity the boys are trying out.

I am also crazy about my oils – there are other EOs out there but through all my research, YL brand is the only one I trust and the only ones I’d use on myself and my family, including little ones. They have a Seed to Seal promise–meaning they control the product from the beginning growth of the plant, tree, root all the way to the bottle you receive. They own their own farms and use essential oils on their crops.

I have so many oily favorites it’s hard to choose one. Some favorites I also have with me include Stress Away, Thieves, Purification, Peppermint and PanAway, but honestly I love them all. I carry my oily bag with me everywhere I go, along with my Young Living Lip Balm, Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier and Thieves Spray.

I hope you will stick around and check out some of my recipes, crafts and maybe some favorite items I find along the way.


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