Faux Ribbon Wreath


I got some inspiration for this wreath from watching a video from Shabby Creek Cottage. It was super easy and fun to make and comes out looking so sophisticated.  You can easily change it up with different colored ribbon, make a monogram with 3 letters versus one.  I plan on trying to make college themed one to hang for the fall if I can find some burnt orange ribbon.

Lets gather what you will need:


  • 10″ Embroidery Hoop
  • 10″ Wooden Initial Letter, color doesn’t matter because you can paint it
  • 27 yards of 2.5 inch faux burlap ribbon – I used 2 different type of ribbon, but you can easily use one.  You just want to ensure you choose thick sturdy ribbon with wire ends to that it stands up on its own.  *picture shows more ribbon then I needed since I got it for such a good deal I bought a bunch of extra!!
    • 4 – 3 yard rolls of one style of faux burlap.  I choose burlap with white dots
      • Cut 26 strips of ribbon into 14″ strips with v shape end
    • 5 – 3 yard rolls of one style of faux burlap.  I choose a burlap with white stripes.
      • Cut 26 strips of ribbon into 18″ strips with v shape end.
  •  A couple ribbon color coordinating pipe cleaners
  • 1 – 2 ounce container of acrylic paint black; if you use other colors of ribbon versus the beige burlap other paint colors may be more appropriate.
  • Brush for paint
  • Plate to spread paint on
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Extra newspapers or old cardboard box to lay down under item being painted

I was hesitant to make this one because it requires so much ribbon and normally at $4.99 a pop for 3 yards it can get pretty pricey quickly.  I was lucky to find some ribbon marked down to $1.49 at Michael’s. It was on clearance, but rang up at $1.49 as a regular price so I was able to use a 20% off your entire purchase coupon!! Score $10.19 for 9 rolls of ribbon, now we are talking.  Yes – I tend to shop at Michael’s as its 5 minutes from home so whenever I get my craft bug its so close to indulge me!

First thing we need to do is get all the materials ready to use.  If you choose two different ribbons cut one ribbon into 14″ strips and the other into 18″ strips.  Ensure you use the 4 rolls for the 14″ and the 5 rolls for 18″.  You will need 26 strips of the 14″ and 26 strips of the 18″ and cut the end into a v shape end.  *This was before I but the v into the end.


Next you will paint your letter.  I chose black because it coordinated well with the ribbon I was using to make it pop out of the wreath.  Lay the letter on the newspaper and paint it with your acrylic paint.


I went ahead and painted the insides as well since I choose a thicker letter and didn’t want the white showing.  If you pick a thinner letter there won’t be much of an inside to paint so it may not be necessary.  Allow to fully dry and depending on the material or finish of your wooden wreath it may require a second coat.

Now to assemble the wreath.  You can start with the 14″ or 18″ ribbon.  The one you start with isn’t as important because you will be alternating them around the hoop.  At this point keep the pin in the hoop and pick an area of the hoop to start on.  I started a couple inches away from the hoop pin.  You will fold your ribbon in half to attempt to get it even on both ends.  Pinch the middle of the ribbon to make it a little thinner and then create a single tie.


If you don’t pinch it to make it a little thinner where you are going to tie it, it could potentially be 2.5″ thick and then you wouldn’t get the fullness of adding 26 strips of the 14″ and 18″ ribbon!!  We are not knotting it as this isn’t needed just the left or the right going underneath the other side and pulling trying to keep each side similar lengths.  Twist the ribbon so if it has a design like stripes or dots you will be able to see it from the front of the wreath.  Now if they aren’t perfectly the same length don’t stress over it, it will give it additional character and fullness as you continue.


If you started with a 18″ then you will tie on the 14″ next.  Once you have your second ribbon tied on you will slide it as close as possible to the 18″ ribbon and continue this through the rest of the hoop.  Remembering to push the last ribbon as close to the previous ribbon, this will continue to give it a fuller look and leave no wooden from the hoop showing.


Once you get close to the pin of the hoop you will remove the pin and push down the metal that had been holding the pin.


If you aren’t able to push it down flush with the hoop (as you can see neither could I) its no problem because we are going to continue our ribbon right over it hiding the bumps!!


This is also a great time if you need a second coat on your wooden letter for you to add a second coat of paint and allow it to dry.


Now that you got your ribbon all the way around your hoop the ribbon is done!! Notice you don’t see any bumps for where you pushed the metal down.


If you are going to hang this wreath on your wall the next step isn’t necessary.  You can easily just place a couple nails and use those as anchors to hold the wreath.  Since I am putting this on my door I need some type of a loop to hook the wreath to the wreath holder so that the ribbon isn’t smashed.  I made a really simple loop with some pipe cleaner.  On the side opposite from where the pin was I folded my pipe cleaner and made a small loop and then pulled the two sides through it.


This will allow the pipe cleaner to really hold onto the loop.  I was also able to shift some of the ribbon slightly to cover any traces of the pipe cleaner.


Next I took the two ends and formed a small loop but twisting the pipe cleaner over each side and then I took half of a second pipe cleaner and further reinforced it.


Not fancy but blended and gets the job done with minimal mess or expense.  You could make a loop with some of the extra ribbon as well.

Next I fluffed out any of the ribbon that may have gotten a little bent or twisted in the process of making the wreath and adding the loop.

Now take the wreath with the side with all the ribbon designs facing up.  Test your wooden letter ensuring it is fully dry.   Assuming its dry you can now hot glue it to the front of your wreath. I tried to center it and place it and then brought my glue gun over to it.  In my case the letter I bought the four corners touched the wreath so this is where I used my glue gun to really glue it down.


I could have bought a larger letter, but honestly I preferred the script of this letter versus the script of the larger one.  All about personal preference!!  I went one corner at a time really adding a lot of glue to it and then pressing it down, holding some pressure to ensure a good bond.  I continued this around to the other 3 corners until it was fully glued to the wreath.

I waited some time before hanging it on the door to ensure that it was fully glued and cooled.


From start to finish I would say it took about an hour to complete.  Cutting the ribbon took probably longer then actually tying it onto the hoop.  If you time the paint drying and get that done earlier in the process it helps so that it is dried by the time you have finished tying the ribbon onto the wreath.

It was a fun wreath to make and I am already thinking about the possibilities for similar ones.  Just have to find the ribbon on sale to ensure costs are kept down.  Hope you enjoy making it as well!!






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