Erin Condren Spring Seasonal Box

Whoops….I thought I had posted this blog for the spring seasonal box, but I hadn’t.  I am so sorry, making up for it now!! If you all don’t remember from my last Erin Condren post I am slightly addicted to paper planners and am totally old school.  Its ok I have no problem admitting that I rather write in a planner versus adding it to my phone which will add it to all my electronic calendars.  It’s probably my addiction to colorful stickers or being able to use 50 different colored pens inside of it.   They have listed to what we want and now there are even more options than when I bought my first one back in 2015.  The life planner has a million different options from:

  • Customizing your cover with color choices and personalization
  • Three planning layouts: horizontal, vertical and hourly
  • Neutral or colorful color scheme
  • 12-Month or 18-Month calendar options
  • Coil options in black, rose gold, gold and platinum

In addition to the life planner they also have a hard bound life planner, teacher planner, academic planner and even one for your wedding.  In addition, they have stationary, school & office items, accessories like stickers and apparel.  They are always releasing new planner covers, stationary and stickers and listen to what their customer want to see!

One fun way to get some amazing products from Erin Condren is through their seasonal boxes available 4 times a year.  I purchased the spring box in February and it shipped the beginning of March.  These amazing Erin Condren seasonal boxes sell out so quickly that if you don’t get them the first couple of days they are announced you won’t be getting that seasonal box.  It’s not a subscription box as you can pick ad choose which seasonal boxes you get as you have to sign up and pay for each one individually as they become available.  I missed the summer box it had already sold out, so seriously you don’t want to wait it you really want one.  These boxes come are filled with an assortment of sneak peeks, exclusives and best-selling items. The box costs $35 for a $60+ value plus it does ship for free US to US.

If you use this referral link* you will get $10 off code emailed to you to use on your first purchase, it may not work on the seasonal box but should work on just about everything else!!


The spring box theme is: Spring in Your Step


1.  Sneak Peek!  Cherry Blossom Hardbound Notebook.  Retail value: $15; Beautiful color and soft front with lined pages inside.  It also has a ribbon to hold your place. It is 5″x8″ with 64 college ruled sheets of paper.  Now available on the Erin Condren site with 10 colors available.


2.  Sneak Peek! Cherry Blossom Corner Pockets. Retail value: $5; 20 adhesive scalloped corner pockets to use inside your life planner or hardbound notebook.  They are 3″x3.” Now available on the Erin Condren site with 10 colors available.  This is perfect to keep my notes, ideas, thoughts in.


3.  Address Booklet. Retail Value $7;  It contains: 7 double-sided pages, 1 blank page for notes and holds up to 102 contacts.  Now available on the Erin Condren site.  Love that this is the perfect purse size. I keep my phone numbers in my phone but don’t have an address book and have been needing one. There was one website that I would save my addresses on for Christmas cards.  I’d go to it and update as I got new addresses or one changed, but honestly I really prefer to keep this in a paper address book like this. It’ll also allow me to make a note of the last change.   This is small, simple and fits my needs.


4.  Exclusive Spring Sticker Sheets. Retail Value $6; these sheets are exclusive to the spring seasonal box however there are single sheets available on the Erin Condren website for $3 a piece.  Each sheet has 18 stickers on them and can easily be used in any of the planners Erin Condren has.  These were the perfect spring and summer stickers for my planner.


5.  Sneak Peek!  Mini Magnetic Page Markers. Retail Value $4; these mini page markers are now available on the Erin Condren site with 3 different options.  She also has single regular size magnetic page markers available for $3.  Save your place, mark a page and never lose your spot. Love these even for when I am reading a paperback book.  They really hold the page.  Sometimes book marks or ribbons not glued to the planners can fall out but not these.


6.  Floral Ink Notepad. Retail value:  $7.50;  this design is not available on the Erin Condren site however there are 40 available styles and they come in 3 different sizes.  This note pad is great for lists measuring 4″x9″ and has 25 pages.  Normally they come in sets of two for $15.  I have some of these with my name on them and use them for my to do lists, grocery lists and heck I have a whole separate Target list….don’t we all?


7.  Exclusive 40% off Art Print Coupon.  The lowest price print without a frame retails for $14 so with coupon it would be $8.40. There are some cute prints they all start at 11×11 and they are continually adding more.  The coupon doesn’t expire until December so tons of time to use it even for the holidays!


8.  “Stay Awhile” Rose Gold Art Print (in an exclusive new size 6.25″x8.25″).  Retail $25; the cost of the 11×11 with white frame is $42 on the Erin Condren site so I just took about 60% off the cost to come up with $25.  This is a seasonal box exclusive so I had to estimate the cost.  It has the grooves on the back to hang on the wall or sit on a shelf on its own as the frame is over an inch thick.  This is beautiful I have it standing on a shelf in my home office.


9.  Floral Ink Folded Notecard (plus envelope and small circle label).   Retail Value:  $1.50 without a coordinating sticker.  They sell in a minimum set of 10 on the Erin Condren website.  When folded they measure 4.75″x3.5″ with over 40 design options.


What an amazing box!!!  I estimate the retail is about $71 give or take a few dollars and I paid $35 for it.  I am still not positive on the frame and print pricing as they don’t sell this size on the Erin Condren site. The smallest print size they have is 11×11 and was $42 with the frame. In addition, the 40% saving for additional prints is a huge money saver but not factored into the box retail cost since you have to buy something to save the money.  Who doesn’t love a good coupon though?!?!?

Regardless this box had at least $60+ in fun items that I can see myself using over and over again.  I am the type of person to love stationary and we already know I love anything with planners and stickers so this is a perfect win for me.  If you aren’t someone who loves stationary and stickers or organization for these it may not be the box for you.

Remember if you use this referral link* you will get $10 off code emailed to you to use on your first purchase, it may not work on the seasonal box but should work on just about everything else.  If you are going to order for the first time you may as well save some money while doing it!

Hope you enjoy your planner and stationary as much as I do!!

*Contains affiliated links



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