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Savvy Minerals by Young Living

Its that time of year…convention…. when everyone in the Young Living family is jumping for joy in anticipation of what this years new products will bring and Young Living did not disappoint!!

There is a little something for everyone from mineral sunscreen, after sun care, insects repellant, Shutran 3-in-1 Men’s Wash, make-up, baby care products and so much more.   I am going to start by talking about the make-up line.

Savvy Minerals by Young Living 

Savvy Make-up FlatLay_New Products 2017This new Savvy Minerals cosmetics line from Young Living gives us all an option to feel confident that what we’re using on our faces is completely safe. Savvy Minerals cosmetics are pigmented with naturally derived minerals that meet Young Living’s superior ingredient standards and provide vibrant, gorgeous colors. The mineral powders are talc and bismuth free (inexpensive fillers that can damage skin that are used by most mineral makeup brands), and are made of a finely ground mica base, resulting in smooth, flawless application. Young Living took the time and care to make sure that this all turned out perfectly, so we could be the women we want to be without worry.  They are made in the USA (except the brushes, which are made in Italy).

Young Living is starting with the basics and will continue to add to the number of products and types of products over the next year and beyond.  Even with the basics there is a huge line-up: 10 different foundations, 8 eye shadows, 3 blushes, 4 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses, 2 bronzers, eyeliner and multi-tasker. Mascara will be available in August and there will also be holiday make-up lines!!Savvy Warm Foundation_New Products Customizable ImagesSavvy Minerals Foundations Colors from Top to bottom:  Cool No. 3; Cool No. 2; Cool No. 1
Savvy Cool Foundation_New Products Customizable ImagesSavvy Minerals Foundation Colors from Top to bottom:  Warm No. 3; Warm No. 2; Warm No. 1

Savvy Dark Foundation_New Products Customizable ImagesSavvy Minerals Foundations Colors from Top to bottom:  Dark No. 4; Dark No. 3; Dark No. 2; Dark No.1Savvy Eye Shadow 2_New Products Customizable ImagesSavvy Minerals Eyeshadow Collection from Left to Right:  Wanderlust (pale white shimmer);  Residual (pale beige shimmer);  Best Kept Secret; Spoiled (matte pink); Crushin’ (nude peach with light shimmer); Diffused (matte plum); Unscripted (matte warm purple); Determined (medium brown shimmer)Savvy Blush_New Products Customizable ImagesSavvy Minerals Blush Collection from top to bottom:  I Do Believe You’re Blushin’ (pink neutral); Passionate (dark burnished rose); Smashing (pink)Savvy Bronzer_New Products Customizable ImagesSavvy Minerals Bronzer from top to bottom:  Crowned All Over; Summer LovedSavvy Veil_New Products Customizable ImagesSavvy Minerals VeilSavvy Eyeliner_New Products Customizable ImagesSavvy Minerals eyeliner in Jet Setter (Matte Black)Savvy Multi-tasker_New Products Customizable ImagesSavvy Minerals Multitasker in Dark BrownSavvy Misting Spray_New Products Customizable Images

Savvy Minerals Misting SpraySavvy Lipstick_New Products Customizable ImagesSavvy Minerals lipstick from left to right:  Wish (nude rose); Daydream (pale peach nude); On a Whim (beige nude); Uptown Girl  (dusty rose)Lip Gloss_New Products Customizable ImagesSavvy Minerals Lipgloss from left to right:  Embrace (nude with a hint of pink); Abundant (sheer light pink)

These colors are gorgeous and are build able and blend able.  Available Monday, June 19, 2017 for quick order and for Essential Rewards July 1, 2017.

Are you wanting to get your Young Living Essential Oils at wholesale or wanting to learn more about Essential Oils? You can find out more information here or to join and get your Premium Starter Kit.




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