Stitch Fix #1 – 2017


We have a million different monthly subscription services options for women, men, children, even to pets. Some of these services include Ipsy, BirchBox, FabFitFun, LootCrate, Geek Fuel, Kiwi Crate, Loot Crate, Little Passports, Dollar Shave Club to name a few. I took a step back from some of my subscription boxes other then my beloved never stopping Young Living Essential Rewards subscription box (more here).  There were just so many of them and I didn’t feel I was getting any great options from some like Ipsy and prior to that I had cancelled Birchbox.  We also get Dollar Shave Club….never enough razors when we seem to have spring/summer weather year round. I also have a surprise Erin Condren seasonal surprise box coming in the next week or so that I will share with everyone.  So excited for this new one because it sold out the first box and I missed it.

Back to Stitch Fix – Every so often you get in a clothing rut or are like me just really hate shopping for yourself in general.  I love shopping for my family but myself not so much.  The having to bring a stack of stuff into the hot dressing room to try on or fight on because the AC doesn’t really cool the mall its just not a pleasant site or experience.  Anyways the timing couldn’t have been more perfect Stitch Fix sent me an email for a free fix if I scheduled it to be delivered by February 28, I immediately signed up for that last day of the month option.

So for those not familiar with Stitch Fix.  What exactly is Stitch Fix? You pay $20 each time you receive a fix called a styling fee if you keep any items in your fix it deducts the $20 styling fee, in my case I got a free fix no $20 fee. When you receive a fix it will come with 5 items (tops, bottoms, jackets, accessories, etc. – some markets are even testing out shoes). If you keep all 5 items then you’d receive 25% off your entire fix. Ok seemed simple enough.You can schedule fixes every 2-3 weeks, monthly fixes, every other month, every three months or you can order one fix and schedule one whenever you are ready for one. WOW – talk about easy and if you pick every three months and want to change it you can easily change it too.  This time around I picked to schedule my fixes when I want to without so set number of months or weeks.

I used a friends referral link when I first signed up because heck they will give her a $25 credit when I sign up and my first fix is shipped. Thats a pretty great program, so here is my referral link in case you are considering signing up yourself!!

When you sign-up you fill in a pretty detailed profile section from your weight, height, sizes, to clothing preferences, to what you would want to pay for tops, bottoms, shoes, etc. They even give you the ability to provide a link to Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can also include some high level comments about yourself. I was pretty honest in describing my body shape to ensure that clothing that would fit my body type was included. This is not where you fudge your weight for your drivers license because if you aren’t honest and upfront then you won’t get clothes that will work for you. Before each fix you have the ability to add a note for your stylist for what types of things you may be looking for. So say this month you want maybe something to wear to an outdoor wedding in Texas in August = hot!! **Be sure if you lose/gain weight or change preferences you go back into your profile and update it.

So in my profile I was specific in discussing that I was looking for casual clothing to run to school events, errands, etc. that would transition easily to fall. I work from home so I wasn’t looking for office attire. A few friends also added me to some Buy/Sell/Trade Stitch Fix boards, this was a lot of fun and addicting. Different people would model what they received so you could see what others were getting and how people like, disliked various items. I felt like a whole new world opened up at my fingertips that I hadn’t known existed before.

So this first fix in over over a year was spot on!!  Katy was my stylist a year ago and was still with Stitch Fix and really listened to what I wanted to see and hit it out of the part.  I will provide a tiny spoiler in that I didn’t keep everything due to fit issues but she nailed my style!!  I wanted casual spring items as we are already HOT in Texas and she delivered two dresses, a maxi skirt, jean jacket (been wanting one forever but just haven’t bit the bullet and bought one) and a casual shirt.  All items could be used as outfits, interchanged with or without the jean jacket.  It was spot on.


Kut from the Kloth Callie Denim Jacket – $78 without discount

Loved this denim jacket, it could easily be worn with both dresses I received or with the Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Low Short Sleeve Tee.  Lots of stretch for my broad shoulders, but cut very feminine and not overly boxy. The results, I would have totally kept this one, but found the same jacket (different name, Stitch Fix likes to change names on you) on sale and with a coupon for additional savings at Macy’s.  So already ordered!!


Loveappella Deanne Floral Maxi Skirt – $58 without discount

This beautiful skirt with mauve pinks, navy and light blue was beautiful with the Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Low Short Sleeve Tee.  The skirt was the perfect length, at only 5’1″ I love long maxi skirts and dresses but they usually swallow me up.  Katy was smart and picked a petite version for  me.  The waist was a little loose.   The results, I did not keep this one either as it was a little loose in the waste.


Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Low Short Sleeve Tee – $38 without discount

This shirt was great and paired perfectly with the Loveappella Deanne Floral Maxi Skirt.  Since the shirt was also a high-low option it would work well with some leggings or a pair of jeans.  This shirt also looks great with the jean jacket.  The results, I sent it back but probably should have kept it the more I think about it!!


Skies are Blue Mabelle Embroidered Dress – $68 without discountimg_4054

Gosh this dress is gorgeous, the detail on the back is beautiful.  I had every intention of keeping this dress when I saw it.  Tried it on and it fit but it was way too short.  It fit fine, but it was petite and in a shorter dress a petite is just to short with my body proportions.  The results, I sent it back.


Papermoon Waters Knit Maxi Dress – $68 without discount

This is a beautiful dress that hits right at the top of my feet another petite.  It looks beautiful alone or with the jean jacket for a cooler evening.  Add sandals or some wedges and its perfect for going out or flip flops for a more casual day.


I think overall this was a perfect fix for me even though I didn’t buy the entire fix she nailed my style.  Had I kept the entire fix it would have been $310 then adjusting for the 25% discount it would have come to $232.50.  This was the highest fix I have received.

Make sure to delete anything from my Pinterest board that you already received in your fix so that you don’t accidentally get it again. Then I add new ideas for my next fix and keep old ones if they are items I haven’t gotten and/or that I still wouldn’t mind trying.  I also am sure to provide detailed feedback on each item and why I liked/loved it and why I am sending it back.  She nailed the fix, there were just some sizing issues.

If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix please go ahead and use my referral link, yes I get $25 but you will get $25 once you sign up and have your friends sign up for their own fix!!

Cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks of their fixes. Also send any subscription box recommendations my way.  I am always up for trying something new.








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