Tulip Wreath


Gosh – I don’t even know where to start….when a family member recently sent me a picture of a tulip wreath I was so excited to try and make one of my own.  Its simple, classic and just beautiful.  I have never attempted a full flower wreath I stuck to mesh on a wire wreath so this was a bit new for me.  Needless to say I jumped in and boy am I glad I did; I think it turned out amazing!!  The best part is its so easy and fast that anyone could easily make this one.

I also learned that I underestimated the number of floral pins I needed so required a second trip to the store.  img_3508

Lets gather what you will need:

  • 16″ Styrofoam Wreath (I used white, but any color can be used.  I also used a rounded one versus flat)
  • 100 Floral Pins also called Greenling Pins (however many stems you have plus a few extra will be the exact number you need, but eyeballing works)
  • 10-12 Tulip Bushels (I used 12, 4 bushels of 3 different colors)
  • 2 – 4 yard ribbons about an inch and half thick (similar in color to tulips) – optional to cover styrofoam wreath and/or for a bow
  • Wire Cutters

I got all my supplies from Michael’s so the number of bushels may very depending on how many stems are on each bushel, less stems you will need more more stems you will need less ( I am sure you get the idea).  I did hear some dollar trees carry the tulip bushels, mine is a distance but I checked anyways and they did not.  The flowers cost adds up quickly I snagged mine for 40% off plus there was an after 3 PM coupon for 25% off your purchase including sale.  The wreath still cost about $45.  If you are also looking to save you can use a smaller styrofoam wreath base allowing you to use less tulips.

The first thing that you will need to do is push up the leafs of all all the tulips to right under the flower and then use the wire cutters to cut the stem about 2 inches below the flowers/leaves.  If as you are making the wreath you want less leaves/greenery you can pull them off leaving just the tulip.  I personally liked having the extra greenery.


Using the ribbon you will use a floral pin to pin the end of one roll onto the styrofoam wreath form.

You will only slightly overlap as rolling it around the wreath form.  When you get through
that roll you will use a floral pin to finish the wrapping and then repeat with the second roll.  In my case I over wrapped the layers so had a little white showing.  This step isn’t necessary if you are able to fully cover the wreath with tulips, it just helps to hide the white if there are any blank spaces that show through with the tulips. I cannot see where the white is on mine unless I move some of the flowers out of the way to try and find it.


You can start anywhere on the wreath I placed two of the same color tulips and used a floral pin to push each in.  Super easy – now with that said after pushing in nearly 100 pins with your thumb it may become sore!!  I developed a pattern but you can put them on however you would like to. After the first two initially added on I put on the top and the second I put slightly coming out of the middle.   Now the next two I had slightly overlap the first ones to add volume and to cover the stems of the original ones.

Once I got all the way around the wreath I still had about about 3 bushels left, one bushel of each color (I used 12 bushels).  I used this opportunity to use all the extra tulips to fill in any gaps or add to the wreath.  I chose to place more inside while a friend chose to place more on the outside of the wreath.  There is no wrong or right way.


Once I was done I realized that I had not wrapped ribbon to make a bow to attached to my wreath hanger on my door (plus I ran out of ribbon…lesson learned).  So instead I wrapped two pipe cleaners around the wreath knotted it and created a small circle loop to hook it to the door.You could easily use string or ribbon to make a loop or bow to attach to the wreath door hanger.  I think it came out perfect, you cannot see it and that is perfectly ok because it doesn’t distract from the wreath itself.

Hope you enjoy making a wreath for your home as much as I enjoyed it!!  Now I am looking for ideas for spring and/or Easter so send me your ideas.


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