Essential Oils Recipes

Deer Hunting Season Cover-up


Not your traditional usage!!

We have a few friends that go deer hunting, so I have been looking for some options for vegetation scent cover-up. In doing so I made this spray bottle for a hunting friend to try out.

Let’s gather what you will need:

• 1/8 teaspoon Salt
• 2 ounce Spray Bottle
• Young Living Essential Oils – Cedarwood

In pour the salt into the spray bottle, add 20 drops of the Cedarwood and finally add water to about a ½ inch to the top of the spray bottle. Shake gentle to mix all ingredients.

Another option if you don’t have Cedarwood would be Young Living Essential Oil – Pine.

Also – if you don’t have a spray bottle you could put some on a cotton ball and attach to the shoes. So easy no excuses for trying it out!!

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