Essential Oils Recipes

Carpet Freshener


Are you sensing a theme with my most recent Young Living Recipe posts?!?  Spring Cleaning!!  My goal in the next couple of weeks is to go through my closet and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that I don’t wear ~ I think half my clothes will be done when I do this (but it will make room to bring in some new ones!!).

Are you needing your carpet freshened? You know sometimes our precious pets can leave some smells behind and we cannot just throw out the carpet so we have to find a way to freshen it up.

Tons of options in the stores but they have so many ingredients that you cannot even pronounce and when you look them up you start to think what the heck am I putting on my floors. Your babies or children play on the floors and many times their hands may not be washed before they put them in their mouths.

So how about a really easy two ingredient option?!? Yes only two ingredients!

Let’s gather what you will need:

  • Baking Soda
  • Young Living Purification Essential Oil
  • Glass Bowl or Mason Jar – the even have really cute cute out caps made for mason jars!!


Take 1 cup of baking soda and add to a glass bowl or mason jar and add in 5 drops of Young Living Purification Essential Oils. Mix together by shaking and sprinkle on your carpet.* Let sit for a few minutes and then vacuum up and you will get that amazing purification smell on your carpets and in the room.  If you have some left over just seal it shut with the original mason jar topper and it’ll be ready for its next use.


You can add more or less Purification and can always try other essential oils in it – so many options!!  *Test in a small area to be sure there is no staining with the mixture.

Are you wanting to get your Young Living Essential Oils at wholesale or wanting to learn more about Essential Oils? You can find out more information here or to join and get your Premium Starter Kit.


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