Valentine’s Day Cards

I don’t know about you but I am really not impressed with the Valentine’s Day cards they sell at the store for classroom exchanges.  Last year I really realized that there aren’t a ton of true options for the kids that don’t involve a bunch of candy and some small fairly flimsy Valentine’s Day card to go with it.  No offense or anything for those that use these – I get it, they are quick and easy. The thing I realized when I started looking to make my boys Valentine’s Day cards there were a bunch of options that really weren’t time consuming to make and it was something that I felt the kids would enjoy.

I am going to give you three different ideas for your child Valentine’s Day cards.  There are a million other options by googling and looking on Pinterest.

  • Minecraft
  • Stick Hands
  • Whoopee Cushion

Last year I started this thinking pretty late but was able to come across a really fun Minecraft card and idea.  The Simple as that Blog even had a link to print out the cards and the wraps for the gum.  I mean what girl or boy doesn’t know about Minecraft at this point? It may be more popular with boys but I have seen a bunch of girls playing it too.  The things they are able to build with this game are amazing.

Super simple get the links for the print-outs from Simple as that Blog.

What you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Sticks of Gum any flavor (but green matches best)
  • Card print-out – recommend printing on card stock
  • Gum print-out – regular paper will work

You get 4 cards per sheet and 6 gum wrappers per sheet.  You will nee to cut these out.


The back of the card is blank so your child can easily write their to/from on the back.  Next you will take the gum and wrap the Minecraft gum wrapper around it taping it in the back.   Then you will use double sized tape to tape the gum wrapped in Minecraft paper to the Minecraft card.


My boys loved the Minecraft last year but I didn’t want to repeat the same things again this year and searched Pinterest and the Internet for some options and just something different I haven’t seen. I also started looking in early January so I could start gathering supplies!  My youngest really wanted to do this Sticky Hand one from Swish Printables.  He had gotten a sticky hand at a recent Apex Fun Run Fundraiser his school did and wanted more sticky hands.  The sticky hand didn’t last more than a couple days so in addition to trying this I wanted to be sure that I got some more durable sticky hands, who knew they came in different sizes?  I didn’t!!

What you will need:

  • Sticky Hands – I recommend the ones from Target ($5 for a package of 6 sticky hands) because they are huge and really appear to stand up to little kids play.  They are even bigger than my sons hands.  I would guess they are 4-5 inches although I did not measure them. I tried some from amazon they came in smaller then they were advertised and I just knew they wouldn’t last. Keep in the individual plastic packaging.


  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Dots or Stapler
  • Card print-out on card stock

You get 6 cards per print-out.  You will need to cut these out.  After cutting them out I folded each card in half so that it already had a small indention for when I stuck it to the sticky hand it would be much easier.  After folding your child can easily write their to/from on the white portion of the card.


Next I added 4 adhesive dots, one to each corner.  They had a plastic cover and I kept that on until I was ready to adhere it to the stick hand package.


I then remove two same side corners plastic and stuck it to the sticky hand.  Then did the same to the other side.  Ensure you press down so that it really sticks.  You could also use a staple in the middle just be careful to not staple the sticky hand!!


Here are the finished Sticky Hand Valentine’s cards.


Notice the plastic does hand out of the edges a bit, we don’t mind this it gives it character and goes to show how large these sticky hands are.

Now for another fun card from Paging Super Mom the Whoopee Cushion Valentine’s Day card.  My fifth grader thought this one would be fun and heck we all thought it was different and what boy doesn’t like to make some inappropriate noises.

What you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Hole Puncher
  • Twine or Ribbon – cut in 6-8 inch strips for however many cards you need
  • Whoopee Cushions – got them on Amazon for $15.08 for 32
  • Card print-out on card stock

You get 3 cards per print-out. You will need to cut these out. After cutting your child can easily write their name on the dotted line and in the upper right corner add the to.


Next in the lower right corner you will hole punch 2 holes about a half inch apart from each other. Your child can easily add To in the right hand corner and add their name to the dotted line.


Next you will place the whoopee cushion between the hole punches.


Now you thread the twine or ribbon from back to front and tie a bow.


Unfortunately even with buying these and getting the materials cut we were unable to use them.  My son’s class decided to do warm fuzzies (compliments) for each child in their classroom.  I think this is a great idea too so that every child gets a warm fuzzy from their classmate with something nice on it.  At this age and as they turn into teens children can be so hurtful to each other with their remarks and comments.  This is a great feel good exercise for the entire class.

Maybe I will use them next year – who knows?!? I really prefer these options of no candy because we don’t deprive our kids of candy but when they come home with a bunch they may get a piece the first day or two and then it disappears….I really hope these are options that won’t wind up in the trash like so many other things do.

Hope you enjoy making your Valentines as much as my family did.  Its a great family project that everyone can work on together!  Let me know your fun and creative ideas for your cards.


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