Stitch Fix – Fix #2 & #3


We have a million different monthly subscription services options for women, men, children, even to pets. Some of these services include Ipsy, BirchBox, FabFitFun, LootCrate, Geek Fuel, Kiwi Crate, Loot Crate, Little Passports, Dollar Shave Club, Moxie to name a few. I have personally tried BirchBox, Little Passports, Ipsy and now StitchFix though I no longer get BirchBox. My boys were gifted a Little Passports subscription for Christmas so cannot wait to tell you all about it!!

So back to Stitch Fix – I am that person that has no problem going shopping and buying for others but when it comes to shopping for myself I hate doing it. Every so often when I see myself wearing the same shirt or bottoms over and over I will drag myself to a store and look and try on or go online and just order a bunch to try on at home. I will go into a dressing room and try on a million things and will be happy if I come out with one item to buy but in many cases I come home empty handed because I am hot and irritable from trying to try things on. So needless to say I need a little help…

I started seeing a number of friends posting about Stitch Fix and started becoming fascinated with it since many were so excited about getting their box and most were keeping everything they got in their fix. However I was skeptical I didn’t want to sign up for another monthly service and hope that I get something I may like. So I went to their site and read up. Wow you can schedule fixes every 2-3 weeks, monthly fixes, every other month, every three months or you can order one fix and schedule one whenever you are ready for one. WOW – talk about easy and if you pick every three months and want to change it you can easily change it too.

So what exactly is Stitch Fix?  You pay $20 each time you receive a fix called a styling fee if you keep any items in your fix it deducts the $20 styling fee. When you receive a fix it will come with 5 items (tops, bottoms, jackets, accessories, etc. – some markets are even testing out shoes). If you keep all 5 items then you’d receive 25% off your entire fix. Ok seemed simple enough.

I used a friends referral link because heck they will give her a $25 credit when I sign up and my first fix is shipped. Thats a pretty great program, so here is my referral link in case you are considering signing up yourself!!

When you sign-up you fill in a pretty detailed profile section from your weight, height, sizes, to clothing preferences, to what you would want to pay for tops, bottoms, shoes, etc. They even give you the ability to provide a link to Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can also include some high level comments about yourself. I was pretty honest in describing my body shape to ensure that clothing that would fit my body type was included. This is not where you fudge your weight for your drivers license because if you aren’t honest and upfront then you won’t get clothes that will work for you. Before each fix you have the ability to add a note for your stylist for what types of things you may be looking for. So say this month you want maybe something to wear to an outdoor wedding in Texas in August = hot!! **Be sure if you lose/gain weight or change preferences you go back into your profile and update it.

So in my profile I was specific in discussing that I was looking for casual clothing to run to school events, errands, etc. that would transition easily to fall. I work from home so I wasn’t looking for office attire. A few friends also added me to some Buy/Sell/Trade Stitch Fix boards, this was a lot of fun and addicting. Different people would model what they received so you could see what others were getting and how people like, disliked various items. I felt like a whole new world opened up at my fingertips that I hadn’t known existed before.

So I gotta be honest I didn’t take pictures of my second fix I was very disappointed.  I loved the clothes I received but had a couple fit issues. Since it was just my second box I didn’t expect to love everything or for everything to fit perfectly, however I was really hoping to be able to exchange for a different size and it wasn’t happening.  I even tried to exchange one item in my first fix since it was missing a button but they didn’t have my size – they did offer to allow me to keep my 25% off discount since the item wasn’t perfect. I tried to exchange jeans during the second fix and they didn’t have my size.  It was a little disappointing that twice they didn’t have back-ups of the clothes I was trying on.

I got over my frustration and kept one shirt that I loved from it and sent everything else back.  I wear the heck out of it too!!  This was way back in November.  I skipped December because lets face it Christmas – shouldn’t need to say anything else!!

So back on January 17 – I decided I wanted another fix.  I had been battling cedar fever and thought I deserved a treat!!  So I got online and scheduled my fix for January 23 – YES a week later!! Holy cow no true wait for a box – I bet everyone is digging out of Christmas and New Year bills and pushed their fixes out.  It arrived on Friday a day early.  Even better I was thrilled to be able to check them out early.


I received one pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans and 4 tops. I specifically have my profile set-up for no accessories scarves, shoes, booties, bracelets, necklaces, etc.  I wanted these fixes to just be clothes and right now I don’t really wear scarves or necklaces and other accessories.


Kut from the Kloth – Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean $78 without discount.

I love Kut from the Kloth Jeans they are comfortable, stretch and cuffed they fit me perfectly  I have never worn boyfriend jeans but I love being able to go outside of the box with things I receive in my fix.  I wouldn’t have otherwise tried these one and find out that I really like them.  I did receive some distressed KFTK jeans my first fix but they were a different style and these have much less distressing.


Papermoon – Anidor Printed Front Raglan Top – $54 without discount

Love this shirt its not just a regular baseball type shirt the sleeves are slightly see through and give the shirt extra dimension and something more flirty then the regular cotton top. The middle of the shirt has fun colors that are bold but not overly full of color and a fun pattern.  You will notice that I like shirts with mixed materials.


Mystree – Skylar Knot Jacket – $78 without discount

Since I am in Texas the weather can be 30 degrees in the morning and 75 by the afternoon.  Some days we can be freezing one day and have ice and the next its 80 with the sub shinning bright.  So I am always looking for sweater, cardigans, blazers, etc. to layer because its almost guaranteed that the weather will change for the better or worse by the time afternoon hits.  Plus this is a super comfy knit sweater the inside is lined with a super soft t-shirt material.  It has small pockets in the front too and can easily be paired  with a dress of slacks to dress it up.


Market & Spruce – Evella Boatneck Top – $64 without discount

I really like this shirt below the mix of stripes and a denim like edging.  I have a really hard time finding straight button up shirts that don’t gap where you don’t want it to or they fit one area and not another this gives me the appearance of a button up with a sweater overlay without all the struggles.  This style of shirt will really pair well in the spring with some colored jeans (I may have some peach ones on the way too from another subscription box company…).  Now if I could only find some cute ballet flats to pair it with – suggestions welcomes?!?!?


Laila Jayde – Amelio Textured Raglan Knit Top – $58 without discount

So I consider this one a dressed up sweatshirt…hehe.  It has a unique texture but does need a shirt under it because it is see through in areas.  So not quite the warmth of a sweatshirt.  I prefer a little longer length but still love the texture and colors.


I had a new stylist this time and she really paid attention to my pinterest Stitch Fix likes.  She was able to see I like mixed material tops.  My note to the stylist was pretty basic, comfortable, casual and stylish – next time I will add color since I got to more neutral colors.  I did request a pair of jeans since I wear those year round and just mentioned that I love KFTK jeans and she found a new style for me to try out.  I personally like to give them a lot of freedom for picking things.  I was very happy with this fix.

This fix was a little higher than my first fix at $229 with the 25% discount for keeping all the items and subtracting my styling fee I had already paid of $20.  I am used to trying to buy name brands for less through sales or online, but really you cannot beat having a stylist pick out clothes for you and having them delivered to your home to try on.  I know for this service I am paying for the conveinece and for them to get me to try on stuff I otherwise may not have chosen for myself.

I know that not every fix will be a 5/5 and thats ok I totally understand that.  Many people will get a fix every 2-3 weeks or every month and pick one favorite item a month to keep. I think this is a great idea, plus it helps you start looking when you are shopping at different brands that you haven’t tried before.  The Facebook groups are good too because they are always posting places that are selling Stitch Fix items for less. Once you know if its a brand you have come to love and know the fit and sizing it is perfect to enjoy it at discounts.

I make sure to delete anything from my Pinterest board that I already received so that I don’t accidentally get it again. Then I add new ideas for my next fix and keep old ones if they are items I haven’t gotten and/or that I still wouldn’t mind trying.

If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix please go ahead and use my referral link, yes I get $25 but you will get $25 once you sign up and have your friends sign up for their own fix!!

Cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks of their fixes. If you are already signed up let me know what you like or don’t like with it!!




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