Golden Tote 2016 Mystery Tote

A friend of mine gets the My Subscription Addiction emails and before Christmas she saw the Golden Tote listed.  It had this HUGE list of clothing options and we were like all that for $149 well not quite….

First you set-up your profile detailing likes/dislikes both in types of clothes and areas of your body you want to downplay or not show at all and sizing. Yep – must put in height and weight and all that fun stuff you don’t want anyone to see.  Its a must so that the stylist knows what you like and don’t like so when they are picking items for you they pick the right ones.

New totes go on sale the first Monday of every month at 9 AM PST.

They have two options:

Option 1: $49 – Get 2-3 items; one you pick and the others that are picked by the stylist for you. Plus $9.99 Shipping

Option 2: $149 – Get 5-6 items; two you pick and the others that are picked by the stylist for you.  Free Shipping

So items in the two bags average about $26 give or take.  Per Golden Tote making them more than 50% off retail.

Next you have the option of adding on boutique items – maybe there is an additional item you really want to ensure you get.  They will be available when getting a tote for a reduced price.

Finally you pay then wait for the email confirmation with your tracking number!!

It does not appear that this auto renews since monthly you need to pick your one to two items depending on which bag you choose.  They send out emails in advanced to remind you as well.

Golden Totes current policy:  “Our current return policy is ‘all or nothing’. You must return the entire Golden Tote and all of its contents for a full refund. However, since Golden Tote is such a great deal, we recommend gifting or exchanging items that do not fit with family and friends. Remember what doesn’t work for one, might for another so share with your friend. In addition, please join our facebook group to swap, trade or sell items that do not work for you. If you decide to keep part of your tote, please keep in mind the original bundled price will change. Any kept ‘chosen items’ will be sold at boutique price and surprise items for $35.”

So to be fair this all or nothing policy kinda turned me off because I mean who winds up liking everything they get.  I am in groups for Stitch Fix and there are times when their have been issues with someone paying and never receiving the item and now the person disappeared.  I know this is rare but still the hassle is there.  However I do like knowing exactly how much to budget for each month’s fix.

Now you are thinking why the heck am I talking about it if I was turned off….well Golden Tote had a 2016 Mystery Tote sale that started on December 26 and it was $60 for 4 items plus $9.99 shipping making it only $15 a item.  At that price I was willing to take a chance.  At the time of writing this blog, the tote was currently in stock still but only in small and medium.  You can find these bags in their boutique tab.

There was also a $60 2016 Mystery Denim Tote that came with 3 pairs of denim this sold out in my size so I was unable to try it but there are still a few smaller sizes available right now.

The referral program isn’t as good as stitch fix you receive $10 when someone uses your referral link to order their golden tote.  So here is my referral link in case you are considering signing up yourself!!

So I order the 2016 Mystery Tote December 26th late in the evening and received it Wednesday, January 6.

No box with this one it was just a pool mailer that allowed USPS to shove it in my small neighborhood mail slot (nope they didn’t put it in one of the larger  boxes.  All of the items were folded and ribboned and fit into this tote bag.  Very cute bag that can easily be used over and over.


I received card with basic instructions for possible items received but still should refer back to the labels.  For me this was just a little reminder to be sure to check before washing.


Loved this black top the peek-a-boo going on at the top and a very thin peek-a-boo on the sides.  It was very comfortable and very flattering on.  It was SugarLips Brand – I looked on their website and they had shirts ranging from $35-$62.


I was so excited to see this dress it looked like a perfect spring/summer dress to wear out with wedges or maybe after a day at the pool to grab some dinner.  Love that the back was a little longer to give a little extra coverage in the back.  It is Puella Brand that is sold at Anthropologie nationwide.  The co-founders Sarah Sweeney and Sarah Becker of Golden Tote are also the designers that launched the  Puella (means ‘girl’ in latin) Brand in 2003.


So I was not sure what to think of the long skirt because I am only 5’1″ and have a hard time finding long skirts that aren’t just dragging on the ground.  This one looked great because it was a comfy material and something I could hang around the house in or run errands in.  It did not disappoint very stylish – tried it on and was happy to see that it actually fit an inch maybe inch and the half on the ground.  I am beyond thrilled because normally it would be a foot hanging on the floor.  The brand is Dahlia and appears to be based out of London but will ship nationwide.


This is a very bright out of my comfort zone top.  However when I put it on with a pair of skinny jeans I started to really like it.  I am a fan of high low tops and this one accentuated the right area and hid the others. This brand is from Flying Tomato that appears to be a boutique you must register with in order to view their items and pricing.  However I did notice that Zulily also has had come of their items before.


I also got a small surprise box –  I was thinking wow an accessory thats a nice surprise.  Nope it wasn’t an accessory instead it was a $49 gift card for Golden Tote!!


Overall I was very happy with this mystery tote and even more surprised that it all fit and was flattering on me.  I cannot wait to place my next order using my $49 gift card.  I checked for January but many items are already sold out so picking my 1-2 items leaves no real choices, but I promise you that next month I will be online Monday – February 1st at 9 AM PST to get first dibs at the pickings.  If I decide I cannot wait that long Golden Tote currently has a $99 surprise tote filled with 4 items – I may have to take a chance on it, since this one was successful. I cannot wait to see what my friend gets in her 2016 Mystery Tote.




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