Stitch Fix – Fix#1

So I decided to jump on the Stitch Fix bandwagon….

We have a million different monthly subscription services options for women, men, children, even to pets. Some of these services include Ipsy, BirchBox, FabFitFun, LootCrate, Geek Fuel, Kiwi Crate, Loot Crate, Little Passports and Dollar Shave Club to name a few. I have personally tried BirchBox, Little Passports, Ipsy and now StitchFix though I no longer get BirchBox or Little Passports.  BirchBox just wasn’t for me I gave it nearly a year before canceling I felt it was more samples then actual usable beauty products which is much different from Ipsy (will review that when I receive my next Ipsy Glam Bag).

So back to Stitch Fix – I am that person that has no problem going shopping and buying for others but when it comes to shopping for myself I hate doing it. Every so often when I see myself wearing the same shirt or bottoms over and over I will drag myself to a store and look and try on or go online and just order a bunch to try on at home.  I will go into a dressing room and try on a million things and will be happy if I come out with one item to buy but in many cases I come home empty handed because I am hot and irritable from trying to try things on.  So needless to say I need a little help…

I started seeing a number of friends posting about Stitch Fix and started becoming fascinated with it since many were so excited about getting their box and most were keeping everything they got in their fix.  However I was skeptical I didn’t want to sign up for another monthly service and hope that I get something I may like.  So I went to their site and read up.  Wow you can schedule fixes every 2-3 weeks, monthly fixes, every other month, every three months or you can order one fix and schedule one whenever you are ready for one.  WOW – talk about easy and if you pick every three months and want to change it you can easily change it too.

You pay $20 each time you receive a fix called a styling fee if you keep any items in your fix it deducts the $20 styling fee.  When you receive a fix it will come with 5 items (tops, bottoms, jackets, accessories, etc. – some markets are even testing out shoes).  If you keep all 5 items then you’d receive 25% off your entire fix.  Ok seemed simple enough I was going to try this out.

I used a friends referral link because heck they will give her a $25 credit when I sign up and my first fix is shipped.  Thats a pretty great program, so here is my referral link in case you are considering signing up yourself!!

When you sign-up you fill in a pretty detailed profile section from your weight, height, sizes, to clothing preferences,  to what you would want to pay for tops, bottoms, shoes, etc.  They even give you the ability to provide a link to Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  You can also include some high level comments about yourself.  I was pretty honest in describing my body shape to ensure that  clothing that would fit my body type was included.  This is not where you fudge your weight for your drivers license because if you aren’t honest and upfront then you won’t get clothes that will work for you.  Before each fix you have the ability to add a note for your stylist for what types of things you may be looking for.  So say this month you want maybe something to wear to an outdoor wedding in Texas in August = hot!!   **Be sure if you lose/gain weight or change preferences you go back into your profile and update it.

So in my profile I was specific in discussing that I was looking for casual clothing to run to school events, errands, etc. that would transition easily to fall.  I work from home so I wasn’t looking for office attire.   A few friends also added me to some Buy/Sell/Trade Stitch Fix boards, this was a lot of fun and addicting.  Different people would model what they received so you could see what others were getting and how people like, disliked various items.   I felt like a whole new world opened up at my fingertips that I hadn’t known existed before.

Ok so I signed up on August 28th and my first fix could be scheduled for as early as September 12 so I snatched that date up.  I started working on creating a Pinterest StitchFix board to help my stylist out because I heard so many people say the more info you give them the better your fixes are and I was hoping that I would be able to get a couple items that I would want to keep so I knew I needed to give them some ideas.  I pinned some cardigans and some distressed jeans and just some overall looks that I liked.


So I not so patiently waited….it shipped on Wednesday, September 9 and arrived on Friday, September 11 one day early – woo hoo!!

So received 1 pair of Kut from the Kloth distressed jeans, 3 sleeveless tops and 1 three-quarters top.  They send you a styling card to show you some options on how you should wear them.


Edmondo Stud Detailed Split-Back Blouse – $38 without discount.

This is a minty bluish-green top with gold beads around the collar and down the middle of the back where it splits.  It has a small gold button on top as well.  Beautiful shirt, if it had been short or long sleeve there is no way it would have fit me as it was perfect with no room to give across the chest and shoulders and the split in the back allowed it to comfortably fit around my hips. I noticed after taking the pictures that there is a gold bead missing towards the split so I have emailed Stitch Fix to see if I can exchange it  – waiting on Stitch Fix response will update when I head from them. **Update they didn’t have one to exchange it for so I sent it back and Stitch Fix honored the 25% discount since the top had the missing bead because otherwise I would have kept everything!!

Edmundo Stud Detailed Split-Back Blouse

Ravenna V-neck Blouse – $54 without discount.

I will be honest before trying it on I thought there was no way I was going to like it something about the colors and design just weren’t doing it for me.  However this was a step outside the box type of thing so I tried it on and was pleasantly surprised I liked it.  I mean I do love pink as I am filled in a house of boys.  It kinda has that sweet, romantic side to it. with some detail at the top giving it something a little extra.  – Keep


 Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top – $68 without discount

I loved the top when I saw it the lattice neckline was perfect making a plain black top pop.  It has a thin sweater feel and look. It will be great to wear as we transition to fall and still thin and comfortable enough to wear right now while it is still hot out.  Very comfortable and completely my style, loved it!  – Keep.


Maribel Distressed Straight Leg – $88 without discount

So I was a little worried I mean its JEANS!! I know I pinned that I wanted jeans but I always have that jean dread because not all two jeans are created equal and lets face it we hate trying them on and trying to find that perfect pair.  I have always gone for ankle length bootcut or skinny jeans and these were straight leg. I am short so I really hate to get jeans that have to be hemmed because lets face its an added expense to them  and you just paid in most cases a fortune for them.  I am also not a fan of petite pants in general they don’t fit right at all.   I wasn’t sure but I did notice that my stylist listened because they had lots of stretch as I need a little stretch to help me out.  I have owned one other Kut from the Kloth pants, no really sure why I didn’t buy more.  I tried these babies on and Fell in Love!!  They fit perfect, were the perfect length and could be worn with ballet plats, booties, and even riding boots.  – Keep


Corinna Striped Dolman Top – $48 whiteout discount

I know most people either love or hate dolman tops. I am usually not a fan of stripes especially horizontal as they typically make you appear wider. However this top was so, so soft and I could see myself wearing it for errands and also to just sit on the couch with a coffee or hot chocolate reading a book because it was just so comfy. It fit great and was thin enough to wear now and as we transition to fall.  – Keep


I am still in shock that I truly liked all of the items my stylist picked and many you could easily dress up for going out versus a casual day running errands.  I am looking forward to seeing what my future fixes include.

So with discounts and the subtraction of my styling fee my total was $202 which I thought was a great deal.  I am a big time bargain shopper and these were more than my bargain shopping prices but the conveinece and I got something I never would have tried myself and liked it so it gets me outside my comfort zone.  This will also help me when I am shopping for myself at store to see these brands and styles that I now know I like.

I have deleted the distressed jeans from Pinterest since I got some and have added in other options so that my stylist has some other options to send me when I schedule my next one.  Right now I set myself up for every other month but its pretty addicting to me so I may be able to hold out until October.

If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix please go ahead and use my referral link, yes I get $25 but you will get $25 once you sign up and have your friends sign up for their own fix!!

Cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks of their first fix.  If you are already signed up let me know what you like or don’t like with it!!


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