Erin Condren Life Planner

What can I say I am totally old school and love to write on a paper planner.  It probably is because I am addicted to using colorful stickers to mark special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries or vacations and Holidays from work and school.  I have two very active boys and their schedules are literally all over the place between school, baseball, Tae Kwon Do, appointments and all those million of other things that come up like vet visits, dog grooming, heck even my own appointments things can get crazy quickly. I will put them into my phone when I am at an appointment and then add them to my planner later because I just get a better feel of what is going on when I look at my planner.  I can see the gaps or the things that were planned 10 months ago and now finally coming up.

Plus, I have always loved collecting cool paper, stickers and anything scrapbooking, but in all honesty never have time to actually scrapbook. So to fulfill this need/want I just got an Erin Condren life planner that allows my creative juices to flow when I am decorating pages t. I mean who doesn’t need a planner to begin with, yes we have them all on phones, computes, etc. but there is nothing like taking pen to paper and decorating and working on a paper one. PLUS – this one allows me to add in and track my goals, notes, planned business events, appointments and anything really as well as let my creativity flow. My goal with it is to be more organized and track my goals and appointments in it.

So last December I ordered my first Erin Condren and at the time it only came in a vertical layout with the weekly section being divided into  morning, day and night.  I liked it and I made it work for me but I personally prefer to have one section for each day and lump everything going on into one section and Erin Condren listed well not just to me but everyone that was looking for something where all your daily tasks could be lumped into one section.  June 2015 they introduced the horizontal layout and I have to say I snagged it up immediately and am in love.  It suits my planning better than the vertical layout, but there is nothing wrong with that layout and many people even change the sections to better suit their needs and cover it with a fun sticker.


So within the Erin Condren life planner you will have your month view and behind month view will be your weekly view in either horizontal or vertical layouts whichever you choose.


Each weekly view starts with Monday and you get areas to write in all the same size including weekends.  So some people thought that maybe they were missing  a weeks worth of weekly view but thats not the case.  For example, the last Monday in August was the 31st so you can find August 31st week under September.  You can use your included snap in bookmark to keep track of what week you are on as well.

Horizontal Viewimage

Vertical Viewimage

After you review the monthly and weekly section you will get to a notes section full of pages for notes, graphing, doodling.  The planner also come with some really great stickers ready for you to use for birthdays, games, mani/pedi, vacations and appointments as well as blank stickers for you to fill in yourself.


Each life planner also includes a perpetual calendar for you to fill in birthdays and anniversaries to make it easy to fill out a new planner or to grab quickly when you are buying cards or emailing  them out.  It has a pocket folder to keep it in or other important documents.  Along with a sealed pouch for tickets, cards and any miscellaneous things you want to keep together.



When I picked up the horizontal layout I decided to treat myself to some fun lined pages that I could stick in the back with my name on it.  It makes it easy for me to take notes and important information that will easily stay right in my planner.


There are so many fun accessories you can buy for your planner a few that I picked up were designer daily dots and designer to do dots.  I also grabbed designer sheets, pen holder, markers, to-do snap in, clip coil connectors and elastic bands.

The clip coil connectors are pretty cool they stick to say an invitation and then you can easily clip them into your planner.  The only problem is they are one use because if you take it off it no longer sticks into the planner, so I only use this for some important ones that I want to keep after the event.

They have added so many fun accessories since I order just a few months ago live a snap in sticky note board (you can also make one of these there are so, so many Erin Condren FB boards and things to buy off Etsy).  They also have interchangeable covers which makes it so easy to change the look of the planner all the time.  Erin Condren also has coordinating address books, notebooks, planners holders, teacher planners, wedding planners, the options are limitless and they are always looking on ways to improve their product and are listening to the customers wants!!

I personally bought both planners myself and used the vertical on a daily basis until the horizontal came out and started using it in July 2015.

Want to get your Erin Condren Life Planner?  Check out my affiliated link HERE and get $10 off your first purchase!!

Right now you can get either life planners with either a January 1, 2016 start or the rest of 2015 and all of 2016.

Hope you love yours as much as I have loved mine!!


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