Mesh Wreath Made Easy!


Now I know everyone has seen those fancy mesh wreaths at Christmas Bizarres and Festivals or people selling them on their local swap groups and heck even Hobby Lobby and Michael’s has them for sale too. They aren’t cheap and you think gosh I wish I could make that or heck I will wait until its on sale and buy it from there. Trust me I have thought these things before too and then got on YouTube and Pinterest and decided this was something I could easily tackle!! With the holidays right around the corner its the best time to start working these projects.

When I pick a project I tend to go overboard and buy a ton of stuff for it and then have buyers remorse later knowing there is no way I will use it all. So when it comes to crafts I ensure that I buy my mesh and accessories for my wreaths when it’s on sale. Hobby Lobby tends to have most of their holiday items 30-40% most times and Michael’s is the same with mesh going on sale every few weeks. Of course if you plan ahead you can buy mesh after each holiday for 70%-90% off, this is my favorite time to buy – this is the only time I buy now unless its a color that doesn’t really fit into a ‘holiday’ color (thought right now I cannot think of a color..brown is even out at Thanksgiving and Black at Halloween).

Lets gather what you will need:

Mesh – I usually use 2-3 different types/colors of mesh but you can easily use one color. If you use one you will use at least one full roll and possibly a part of a second depending on how large you want it. Size of mesh to use – 21″x30 ft
18″ Metal Wreath – you can pick another size as well, depending on size you will use more or less mesh
Ribbon, smaller mesh wrap to add accents or burlap is fun too
Picks, Center Welcome Sign and really anything you want to embellish your wreath. For Christmas I add Christmas Balls to Mine
Pipe Cleaners or twist ties – something that you can use to hold the mesh in place. I try and pick pipe cleaners close in color to the mesh I am using so it helps it blend easier.
Glue Gun
I am sure there are a million more ways to make a mesh wreath this one has worked wonders for me and friends have had success with these as well.

I personally like my wreaths to be really fluffy so to start with I cut my pipe cleaners in half (or you can use twist ties) and knot them onto the wire wreath ring. I tie one onto every section not skipping any sections. There is no right or wrong in my opinion you could easily skip one section and make the mesh sections longer.

Next I pick whichever mesh I want to start with and go to the inner ring and twist the edge of the mesh into the pipe cleaner to hold it. I stretch the mesh 6-8 inches and then tie it to the next pipe cleaner. There is no science and if one bump of mesh is slightly large then another you will be fine (don’t listen to others you have lots of room to play with on these mesh wreaths). Once you make it all around tie the edge of the mesh to where you started and cut. You will do this with every ring until you are complete. I like to start each ring at a different location so it’s not as obvious where you started each one. You can fluff out and adjust nothing is glued at this point and just pipe cleaner or twist tied to your wreath.

Now here is where the fun comes!! You can knot your ribbon around the wreath or add it to the top of the mesh and secure it with the pipe cleaners. You can even add a layer of mesh on top of your mesh in a smaller size to give it that dual color effect. Add picks, Christmas balls and secure them with your glue gun. Plus it helps cover up some of the pipe cleaners that aren’t already hidden by the mesh.

Honestly the skies the limit, you can decorate it as much or as little as you want. It’s really easy and fun to make. Its only limit is your creativity!!



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