Essential Oils Recipes

Back to School


Early Morning

I am planning on starting the day by diffusing lemon and peppermint as a nice invigorating help us wake up blend. They are happy oils and work super well. I always feel so much better when I start the day by diffusing.  If it looks like we may need some help relaxing I will diffuse some Peace & Calming, Peace and Calming II or Lavender.  We all know mornings can get hectic with everyone running around trying to get ready for school no matter how much preparing we do the night or weekend before.

Topically, I am going to apply GeneYus to their feet and add it to some really awesome diffuser necklaces I recently found for my school-bound guys. I may switch it up with Brain Power or this blend of Cedarwood, Vetiver, and Lavender if I am running low on GeneYus or Brain Power.  I am excited for this to help them focus at school!

If I think the family needs an immunity support I will roll-on some thieves & purification onto their feet before putting on their socks.  Have you read the Thieves Story?  If you haven’t you need to its an amazing story!

Thieves/Purification Immunity Support Roller Bottle Recipe:

  • 1/3 ounce Roller Bottle
  • 10 drops Thieves
  • 10 drops Purification
  • 1 teaspoon Fractionated Coconut Oil or other Favorite Carrier

Mix together in the Roller Bottle and roll onto their feet.


I will also be sure we have some Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier on hand, perfect size for the purse and also now a large one to leave on the counter.


If you are a DIYer here is a quick recipe to make at home.

Thieves Hand Sanitizer:

  • 2 ounce squeeze bottle
  • Pure Aloe Vera
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Vitamin E
  • 6-10 drops Thieves

Fill bottle 2/3 full of Pure Aloe Vera, add in vitamin E and thieves and shake!

I will even be sure they get their ounce of  NingXia Red in the mornings because it has balanced ingredients that make NingXia Red a whole-body nutrient infusion for health and wellness support. This powerful formula includes wolfberry, which is touted for its health-supporting benefits, while ongoing research continues to reveal exciting new properties on this ingredient. Enjoy NingXia Red daily to energize, fortify, and revitalize the body and support overall health and wellness, from head to toe.


For me, I plan on using Stress Away to keep me calm in the mornings. Because, life….I may also need some Motivation in my diffuser necklace on Monday’s because lets admit it, Mondays aren’t fun at all!!

After School Homework

I am going to start diffusing Brain Power, GeneYus or Rosemary before they get off the bus so that when they get home, they can jump right into homework mode.  We had homework in kinder and know there will be more in first and well fifth grade its a given!  When they get off the bus they can have a healthy snack usually fruit or a trail mix then I will re-apply the focus oils as well to give them additional support.


Night Night Time

I will also diffuse a combination of sleepy oils – Our older son likes Lavender and Peace and Calming I or II (both version smell very similar to each other).  The younger one loves his SleepyIze. We adults like to change it up from SleepyIze, to Peace and Calming I or II with Lavender and we even like Valor and Cedarwood.   I have diffusers in their rooms and each one will be filled and ready to go!


If they are needing some extra support I also have a linen spray to spray in their room and we may even throw a scent stone in the shower with them and I love to have one in mine.

Linen Spray (if you are scared of monsters ~ Monster Spray works too!!) Recipe:

1/2 ounce Witch Hazel or Vodka
8-10 drops lavender

Using a 2 ounce spray bottle add vodka or witch hazel, lavender and swirl around to mix oil and witch hazel (or vodka).  Fill rest with distilled water.  Shake to mix! Can be sprayed on their pillow or friends they sleep with.

Scent Stone Recipe:

  • 16 oz. of baking soda
  • 1/2 cup water

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.

Add the baking soda to a bowl with the water and stir. This will form a thick paste. Use hands to mix. If you do find that the mixture is still dry, add 1 teaspoon of water until the baking soda and water are fully combined. Using your hands, fill a silicone mold with the mixture fill to top of each mold. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes and allow the stones to cool completely before you remove the stones from the mold. When you are ready to use them, place 2-4 drops of essential oil on the stone. Lavender or stress away are good ones to help unwind after a long day. A little peppermint to help give you a little wake me up during my morning shower. Purification scent stones in some smelly shoes.11265226_10207385175133292_7172486619003483695_n

We were recently able to pick-up this new diffuser for our younger sons room at the YL convention and he is just loving it. He has the home diffuser but as you can see in the background this one fits in perfectly with his 6-year-old room!!


Don’t worry they didn’t forget one for the girls – here it is.


Hope you enjoyed learning a little about how we are incorporating our oils as we go back to school!  Here is a special treat that the team I am on created:  Happy Oils Back to School Handbook

If you are ready to join this oily world head here.


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